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Brand Marketing Company

Technetium is a brand marketing company specializing in consumer products and retail marketing. For more than a decade, we’ve partnered with manufacturers, distributors and retailers to launch new products, re-invigorate brands, and develop cutting edge digital platforms. Our team of visual storytellers develops brand strategies, consumer product packaging, marketing campaigns, retail solutions, ecommerce websites and more. We’ll help you reach your target audience in print, online and through social media.

Print & Packaging

Today’s world moves at a heightened pace. Communicating has changed, we need to engage our audience on their time, through their habits. Do your customers know where to find you? How hard do they have to look? Our job is to help you maximize your reach to achieve your goals.

Digital Design

We live in a world where information is shared, consumed, created and experience online. With a focus on emerging technologies, our team will help guide you, to ensure you adopt platforms relevant to your business. Our goal is to identify the proper outlets to engage your users.

Social Media

Social media is a necessary vehicle to communicate and engage your customers. We can show you the massive potential this brings to your marketing strategy. The popularity of sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter verify that social media can no longer be ignored.

Custom eCommerce Development in PHP and SQL Server

Sometimes off-the-shelf software is a simple choice and a smooth integration. For many ecommerce retailers determining which shopping cart platform to use is a big decision and a process of reviewing the pros and cons of each platform and weighing those to determine which path to take. For other companies, an off-the-shelf solution doesn’t provide the workflow integration that they require and custom development is necessary.



Social Sharing, Virality and Exponential Growth

Each year the team here at Technetium looks forward to strategizing, creating and implementing the DWC Model Search,a national model competition for DanceWear Corner, a dancewear retail store located in Orlando.

The primary purpose of this contest is to find qualified models for DWC’s promotional materials, while increasing brand awareness, growing DanceWear Corner’s social reach and engagement, and building brand loyalty.



You Had Us at Hello

Fact — not all agencies are created equal. Several weeks ago our office received a call from a very frustrated online retailer seeking a solution to a problem with his website that his current agency told him was impossible to fix. But, was it really impossible?