Our client work

Online Marketing Company

Technetium is an online marketing company focused on providing results for our clients by crafting eCommerce and CMS experiences. We are a team of website developers, UX/UI designers and digital marketing gurus working as one. As a data-driven digital agency, our team of visual storytellers analyzes the data to develop customer personas and a simplified user experience that engages users and captures sales. Together we’ll help you capture and convert customers to drive revenue.

Strategy & UX Design

Today’s customers moves at a heightened pace. Communication has changed; we need to develop the user experience to capture the audience and guide them down a path. Do your customers find you where they’re looking? How hard will they look? Our job is to help you maximize your reach.

Website Development

We live in a world where information is shared, consumed, created and experience online. With a focus on emerging technologies, our team will help guide you, to ensure you adopt platforms relevant to your business. Our goal is to identify the proper outlets to engage your users.

Customer Engagement

There are many opportunities to connect with and engage your customers. Our team will work with you to reach them, utilizing the latest marketing technologies. Implementing a dynamic program to capture customers through online search, email marketing and social media.

Website Launch: Maxis360 Information Technology Experts

Technetium is excited to announce the launch of Maxis360′s new responsive website built on the WordPress CMS platform and Foundation 5 framework. Technetium’s leadership and experience in digital design and HTML5/CSS3 enabled Maxis360 to confidently embark on their new corporate website. As a growing information technology (IT) leader, Maxis360 desired a new website that symbolized their technology expertise online while recapping their corporate history and ongoing strategic direction.



Bootstrap or Foundation? Irwin M Fletcher, You Choose.

As we all know, the web development world has rapidly evolved since the launch of the iPhone. Apple’s full browser capabilities rid us of text only web surfing on our mobile phones and allowed us to see a website as it was intended, however small the display was. Two-finger pinch to zoom in and out was amazing. WE LOVED IT! It took the world by storm.



Website Launch: HausVac Central Vacuum Systems

As part of its national expansion, HausVac approached Technetium to develop a modernized online presence and refresh their brand. Established in 1981, under the name East End Centro-Vac, HausVac has been the leader in central vacuum sales, products, and service for over a quarter century.