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TeamTrak - Technetium
Enterprise Asset Management

A Generic Tracking Engine Platform where "One size truly fits All"

At the heart of Technetium’s offering is our proprietary in-house developed powerful generic tracking engine – TeamTrak©. A technology suite based on customizable generic business rules with easily configured industry specific wrappers, allowing it to be rapidly deployed across a wide range of industries seamlessly.

Client Focused Solutions

Empower our clients to define the solutions

Through Technetium unique "Partnership Model", all existing clients get to play the role of "virtual" R&D department through their ability to request features and functionality applicable to their business and industry at no additional cost. By engaging with multiple stakeholders at every level of a client’s organization Technetium ensures true technology satisfaction.

Device Independent Data Capture

Choose a Data Capture Solution that works best for You

In a world where data and information is generated daily from a myriad of sources, Technetium understands the need not to be tied to any one specific data resource. Our solutions have the capability to use variable data devices (passive and active RFID, IoT - Internet of Things, barcodes, GPS, Smartphones, touch memory, etc) and interface with different 3rd party data systems including ERP systems, financial packages and asset registries.


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