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Award winning technology managing assets and activities at over 6,000 locations globally

Technetium is a specialist tracking technology company and solutions provider with extensive international experience in the physical asset and activity tracking and management workspace. Technetium offers innovative asset management and tracking solutions across multiple industries including Healthcare, Hospitality, Waste Management, Mining, Security, Retail, Site Service, Field Service, Large Corporations, and Government.

Cloud Based Computing

Full web-based architecture with secure global access offering user friendly “point and click” interface and contact sensitive drill-down reports. Learn more...

Smartphone Apps

Smart Phone apps and dedicated data capture (barcode/RFID) scanners with built-in GSM engine for nationwide data transfers Learn more...

Device Independent Data Capture

Technology designed to work with any data capture mechanism including RFID / Barcode/ GPS / Touch Memory. Ensuring the best solution for the job.  Learn more...

Global Visibility

Flexible solution that offers complete visibility into the location, health monitoring, history and utilization of your assets, activities and tasks. Learn more...

Realtime Reporting & Alerting

Intelligent asset reporting and alerting including: time-based, location-based and utilization-based alerting with notification via SMS, email and web site. Learn more...

Customized Development

Technetium works closely with its client base to continuously develop and customize its existing technology to ensure a best fit for the industry it is deployed in.  Learn more...

Lifecycle Management

Manage and track all your assets in a single view from anywhere, through all phases – procurement, usage, maintenance, depreciation, or disposal. Learn more...

Full 3rd Party System Integration

Wherever required, integration to 3rd party systems e.g. asset registers, accounting packages and ERP systems Learn more...

Auto Asset Registration

Smart registration algorithms ensure new and existing asset pools and fleets can be seamlessly auto registered within the systems without the need for tedious data capture. Learn more...

“The power and uniqueness of the Technetium Asset Tracking and Management System in terms of addressing legislation compliance, operational challenges, managing risk, and maintaining the efficiency of our business cannot be matched. TeamTrak’s intuitive interface has been easy for our operators and supervisors to adopt, simplifying integration into our operations. They operate more as a partner than a supplier. Technetium has proven to be a competitive differentiator helping us to building and sustain market share even as industry competition intensifies.”

Dr. David Sekete
Chief Executive Officer 
Buhle Waste.

  • MAKE YOUR ASSETS WORK FOR YOU - For those assets most crucial to your organization it is imperative to gain a picture of asset use (and misuse) as soon as possible. This can be done effectively and efficiently through the constant tracking, and thus build-up of movement history for your assets. With this audit information the system establishes utilization time, idle time and maintenance time over any given period, allowing you to take the appropriate action, to ensure optimal asset utilization and better service to your clients. 
  • WHAT’S IT WORTH TO YOU - All organizations suffer financially through the loss and theft of their assets or inefficiency of work-force at some point. Technetium will aim to minimize this painful experience through the timely auto-alert of illegal asset movements or activities. Once the customer has defined what constitutes illegal issues, the system applies this information on receipt of the transaction information and alerts in real-time. The system caters for a host of alerts including: "out-of-bounds" alerts, activity alerts, stock alerts, and time delayed alerts.
  • FLEXIBLE AND SECURE - No organization favours long-winded technology implementation efforts in order to try and support the business process. Technetium’s solution offers elements that are designed to address the disparate needs of different business verticals with a base core element that’ll work for you in quick-time. From this starting point it can be quickly configured to suit your additional requirements, all the while ensuring peace-of-mind with advanced roles-based login and strong password security for secure system access and data control.

Currently Servicing Organizations from Multiple Industries

Based on Technetium's customizable tracking technology, solutions can be offered for any environment which requires the tracking and management of assets, activies, tasks and people

Field Service Management

Pool & Garden Service

Security & Patrol

Cleaning Services

Corporate & IT


Hospitality & Casinos

Oil & Gas

Food & Beverage

Waste Management

Farming & Livestock

Containers & Crates

Some of the famous brands that trust us with their assets....Lets see what we can do for you.


4  -  Continents 

With operations and projects in USA, UK, Australia and South Africa....with more to come.


18  -  Years of Operation

A company with a focus on technology solutions for the management and tracking of assets, activies, tasks and people.


6,000+  -  Physical Locations

Managing operations and assets across multiple geographic regions and time zones.


8 Million  -  Assets Tracked and Managed

Anything from small disposable medical waste through to large mission critical industrial machinery...and everything in between.


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