Total Mobile Asset Management Solutions

At the heart of Technetium’s offering is our award-winning proprietary in-house developed powerful generic tracking engine – TeamTrak©. The technology is based on a customizable generic business rules-based tracking engine with easily configured industry specific wrappers. This allows the technology to seamlessly address a wide range of industries.
In a world where data and information is generated daily, from a myriad of sources, Technetium understands the need not to be tied to any one specific data resource. Our solutions have the capability to use variable data devices (IoT, passive and active RFID, barcodes, Smartphone, GPS, touch memory, etc) and interface with different 3rd party data systems including ERP systems, financial packages and asset registries.


Award-winning innovative software management suite for asset management and tracking

RFID (Active/Passive)

Tracking with Radio Frequency ID using both active and passive tags

Barcode / GPRS

Barcode tracking using GPRS cellular data networks for real-time data transfers

GPS Satellite Tracking 

Assets tracked globally using devices which combine the GPS system and mobile phone and/or satellite phone technology.

TeamTrak© - Technetium Enterprise Asset Management Tracking Solutions

At the heart of Technetium’s offering is our proprietary in-house developed powerful web-based generic tracking engine – TeamTrak©.

The technology relies on customizable generic business, reporting and alerting rules with easily configured industry specific wrappers. This allows the technology to seamlessly address a wide range of industries

Technetium’s primary solution experience is the tracking of the physical location and status of a company’s mobile assets, utilizing the movement (and optionally asset state) information, provided by Barcode, RFID, GPS and/or other wireless technologies.

Radio Frequency Identification

RFID operates according to the principle that each tagged asset transmits a radio frequency (RF) signal containing a unique identification code (RFID). This signal is picked up by any one of the different readers. The tags can be battery powered (active tag) or energized by the readers (passive tags). These readers can include area readers, access point readers, portable readers (belt or handheld), door or choke-point readers. The RF information (or scanner information) is fed via these various access points, over a new or existing network infrastructure, to a Data Collection Server that does initial collation and parsing of data. This data is then transported to the Technetium Database Server.

Barcode + GPRS real-time data transfers

Although there is a strong drive in General Industry to adopt the latest data capturing technology advancements, Technetium recognizes that the traditional data capture methods still work well and, in some cases, form the backbone of existing legacy systems. Barcode technology is the optimal solution for delivering real time data input within areas that are not suited to RFID/Wired/Wireless networks. It is proven as a technology that handles automatic identification & data collection or AIDC, across a wide range of industries.

GPS Satellite Tracking

Through Technetium unique "Partnership Model", all existing clients get to play the role of "virtual" R&D department through their ability to request features and functionality applicable to their business and industry at no additional cost. By engaging with multiple stakeholders at every level of a client’s organization Technetium ensures true technology satisfaction.


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